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Balsam Fir is an evergreen tree and has been used  by Native Americans to heal wounds. The oil is uplifting and grounding and helps with injuries.

Balsam Fir can help with asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, chronic cough, nasal congestion. Balsam Fir can be combined with Eucalyptus radiata, Tea Tree or Lavender to enhance its healing properties.

Balsam Fir can help lessen (or alleviate) the pain of arthritis, muscle pain,joint pain and rheumatism.

The oil can be added to the bath, diffused, inhaled, massaged into the skin or sprayed into the air.
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Essential oils have been used for centuries in helping to heal for body. Some essential oils can be used topically, some inhaled (aromatherapy), and some orally.
Being Mother’s day is this month, we are going to learn about Lavender Fine (Lavandula angustifolia). Lavender Fine is also known as the “Divine Mother”, it is safe for old and young alike. It is good for nurturing and balancing the body. It has antimicrobial properties and can kill air-borne pathogens. Lavender Fine is also good as an analgesic, good for disinfecting and can help stimulate the immune system.
Some uses for Lavender Fine Essential Oil are: muscle aches, headaches & insect bites.
For relaxation, you could put a few drops in your hands, then cup your hands and inhale.
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